LIFT is a welcome space for all women wanting to become pregnant, who are pregnant, or who just had a baby. I have coached fourteen women and fifteen pregnancies in the past seven years. Moms are welcome with open arms. 

Pregnant does not mean handicapped.

As an expecting or post-partum mom at LIFT, you will find that you're doing all the same movements as everyone else. You are a working athlete. You might be doing less, or a decreased range of motion, but you will be keeping your fitness level high throughout your pregnancy. You are preparing for the most intense workout of your life! 

In LIFT you will be surrounded by years of experince when it comes to working out while pregnant, and all of the emotion and changes that come with it. This is a special group of women who make it their daily goal while in class to lift you up and support you. 

I am a certified Birthfit coach, and I've dedicated the past seven years to working exclusively with women. I've learned that it's different and more rewarding than coaching in any other arena. I'm continuously reading and engaging with doulas and chiropractors to provide the best and safest pre- and post-natal fitness experience possible. 

One hundred percent of my pregnant athletes have come back to LIFT within six weeks of delivery!