LIFT for Women is a women’s-only strength and conditioning program with one purpose: To build confidence through strength. The style of training and the numerous tools and methods we use in LIFT create strong, capable women who are ready for any task.  

LIFT for Women began as a way to rebuild the minds and bodies of women. In the seven years as Head Coach of this program, I've seen an unmatched community of empowered, confident, and truly strong women flourish under my guidance. LIFT for Women unites mothers, grandmothers, college students, young professionals, and competitive athletes under the common goal of constantly testing and surpassing their limits. There are no levels; there is only effort, group motivation, and progress.

I’m not interested in working toward the goals society pushes on women--outdated and fragile versions of beauty, avoiding getting dirty, having muscles, or having a voice and opinion. My coaching is geared toward showing women that their power is already within them. All it takes is hard work, a supportive community of peers sweating alongside them, and some helpful guidance to come into their own strength. Every woman has this potential, no matter her age or experience.

What I ask is that you show up ready to work, willing to fail, and excited to cheer others on. My goal is to help women find their confidence and discover what they’re truly capable of--body and mind, inside and outside the gym.